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  •  You are eligible to apply to receive grant money for school.
  •  The amount is $6,095* and it's given to you in a check or you can have it direct deposited
  •  None of the funds have to be paid back once you graduate.
  •  Only takes about a minute to check it out
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The Career you WANT...
Tired of your current dead-end career that doesn’t show everyone the REAL you? Earn a degree that’s in alignment with your career ambitions! 

Student2Professional partners with hundreds of schools and showcases thousands of degree programs. Gathering your interests and life goals we'll help match you to the perfect program for you– and we do it for FREE.
  • You are still eligible to apply for school
  • Now is the time for a better life
  • Attend school on your own schedule with convenient and flexible classes
  •  Applications are currently being accepted
  •  Financial aid may be available
Many Schools. Many Programs. Best Matches.
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